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    Brides of Scotland Booking Policy

    We are absolutely delighted when any 'Bride to be' books an appointment at Brides of Scotland. Here are a a few things you should know.
    When booking an appointment, whether a first time or returning visit, we require a contact number. You will receive a phone call or message a few days prior to your appointment to confirm. If you are unable to make your appointment for any reason, don't worry we understand that these things can happen but we would really appreciate it if you could contact us to let us know so we can perhaps accommodate someone else or rescheduled your appointment.
    We can accommodate a maximum of three guests per appointment in addition to the bride for trying and viewing our collection. We recommend those closest to you and find that 'two is the magic number'.
    We of course love to have a 'reveal'. When you have purchased your gown, you can bring the aunties, grannies and mum in law to be, along to see the gown you have chosen when it arrives in store. This can be a special time with lots of tears of happiness.
    We hope you have a magical experience in our Aladdin's cave at Brides of Scotland.
    Best wishes
    Brides of Scotland
    Management Team.